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12 months ago


  • Add scheduled queries to the Host details page. Surface the "Name", "Description", "Frequency", and "Last run" information for each query in a pack that apply to a specific host.

  • Improve the freshness of host vitals by adding the ability to "refetch" the data on the Host details page.

  • Add ability to copy log fields into Google Cloud Pub/Sub attributes. This allows users to use these values for subscription filters.

  • Add ability to duplicate live query results in Redis. When the redis_duplicate_results configuration option is set to true, all live query results will be copied to an additional Redis Pub/Sub channel named LQDuplicate.

  • Add ability to controls the server-side HTTP keepalive property. Turning off keepalives has helped reduce outstanding TCP connections in some deployments.

  • Fix an issue on the Packs page in which Fleet would incorrectly handle the configured server_url_prefix.


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Binary Checksum


bc3b2487d0f9e55d1bfd2726d61f3b8ed6c16fe8b3fe1d05cca7f693d8631e18  fleetctl-macos.tar.gz
5dc5d900b0ac4cc45ee66177894595686098aeac00f292545482dc7077b49381  fleetctl-windows.tar.gz
e2bb6f97c6758bba0e4f314d7da7067c5f54617d406bcd5ee82bc78c4961a4d9  fleetctl-linux.tar.gz

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