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12 months ago


  • Improve Fleet performance by batch updating host seen time instead of updating synchronously. This improvement reduces MySQL CPU usage by ~33% with 4,000 simulated hosts and MySQL running in Docker.

  • Add support for software inventory, introducing a list of installed software items on each host's respective Host details page. This feature is flagged off by default (for now). Check out the feature flag documentation for instructions on how to turn this feature on.

  • Add Windows support for fleetctl agent autoupdates. The fleetctl updates command provides the ability to self-manage an agent update server. Available for Fleet Basic customers.

  • Make running¬†common queries more convenient by adding the ability to select a saved query directly from a host's respective Host details page.

  • Fix an issue on the Query page in which Fleet would override the CMD + L browser hotkey.

  • Fix an issue in which a host would display an unreasonable time in the "Last fetched" column.


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Binary Checksum


be79e12ba2cd2a7b7bb4e0485662cb0b87fd0ed5a32e6dc779b0e2672d993433  fleetctl-macos.tar.gz
ff5da49fa62c3e4d6131da3e0ae02af22f51122fda1446e020dcf0b3198ee520  fleetctl-windows.tar.gz
6d56cb93de747eb91916b85d857bbeebaea6fe7c2b50d04a7104267358a18102  fleetctl-linux.tar.gz

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