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14 months ago


  • Add fleetctl agent auto-updates beta which introduces the ability to self-manage an agent update server. Available for Fleet Premium customers.

  • Add option for Identity Provider-Initiated (IdP-initiated) Single Sign-On (SSO).

  • Improve logging. All errors are logged regardless of log level, some non-errors are logged regardless of log level (agent enrollments, runs of live queries etc.), and all other non-errors are logged on debug level.

  • Improve login resilience by adding rate-limiting to login and password reset attempts and preventing user enumeration.

  • Add Fleet version and Go version in the My Account page of the Fleet UI.

  • Improvements to fleetctl preview that ensure the latest version of Fleet is fired up on every run. In addition, the Fleet UI is now accessible without having to click through browser security warning messages.

  • Prefer storing IPv4 addresses for host details.


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Binary Checksum


df676cb2a916b39c3ab009fcddae87117a319a5fce12c58b7112e5647cf9026d  fleetctl-macos.tar.gz
153024a1e00dd9b99a24ad9f2f93dd1794900ba7a9f23125fe5a2f369ec7c69f  fleetctl-windows.tar.gz
e26d4ddae2107c10b3870ef38666fad071cbc58735c944a553a136b93564af1d  fleetctl-linux.tar.gz

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