github fkling/astexplorer v1.3.0


Transformers can now return a source map as well, which allows us to highlight the corresponding code in the output editor (#79):

Big thanks to @RReverser again!

Parser updates

  • Updated parse5 to v2 (#76)

Improvements / fixes

  • Autofocus works better with recursive trees (87401c0d770311ddd410237f05b527ffd79253e2).
  • Fixes around category switching and parser loading (be13958fe344d86e23742aeb342095e2e29c8cd1, ec81ced54fdf5d2f6186b9a06eb6a47a8604ae27).
  • jscodeshift's registerMethods method can now be used in astexplorer. It doesn't throw errors about duplicate custom methods on rerun anymore (#80).

Most other commits focused on

  • improving astexplorer's loading time through better bundling and cache settings
  • code organization
latest releases: v2.1.0, v2.0.0, v1.13.0...
5 years ago