github firefly-iii/firefly-iii v6.0.11

13 days ago


  • 🇰🇷 Korean translations!
  • A new "adjusted" auto-budget type that will correct itself after spending. Read more
  • Issue 6631 Can now link withdrawals and deposits to piggy banks, thanks @ChrisWin22!


  • "Balance" is now called "In + out this period" so it's more clear what it means.


  • Some superfluous logging.


  • An intermittent issue came up where people would suffer from badly rounded numbers.
    The root cause has been fixed. Open a discussion if this affects you, a fix for your data is available.
  • The API cron job would not run all available cron commands.
  • Debug page would always report midnight
  • Issue 7514 DB error when upgrading to 6.0.10
  • Issue 7516 Webhook: wrong JSON transaction amount
  • Issue 7522 Time related events cause a timeout
  • Issue 7541 Login screen display glitch
  • Issue 7549 Account creation duplicate checking fails for German umlaut
  • Issue 7546 Version link doesn't work
  • Issue 7547 Rule fails to convert "Withdrawal from X to Y" to "Transfer from Y to X"


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