github firefly-iii/firefly-iii 5.3.0-beta.2


  • Piggy banks and bills can be divided over groups. Groups can be sorted on a separate page. This may prove to be useful to organize these objects. The feature will expand to even more objects in the future. Empty groups will be automatically deleted; you can only create groups by editing the objects.
  • Better sums in bills.


  • Max upload is now larger.
  • Issue 3469 Fix issue with round()


  • No more locale settings if using Docker.


  • Issue 3509 Tag view now handles future transactions better.
  • Issue 3513 Fix issue with charts on budget page.
  • Internal consistency checks for transaction groups.


  • Expanded API for bills to support object groups.
  • Issue 3506 Search transactions end point
latest releases: 5.4.6, 5.4.5, 5.4.4...
pre-release6 months ago