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Introducing v2.0.33

latest releases: v2.3.6, v2.3.5, v2.3.3...
9 months ago

New Features

  • Added Ctrl+Shift+C shortcut to copy file path (#6245)
  • Added an option to set Files as the default file manager (#6107)
  • Show file operation progress on taskbar & continue operations when minimized (#6273)
  • Added individual options for amount of clicks to open files and folders (#6441)
  • Added group by path option for libraries (#6450)
  • Respect default app for zip files (#6457)
  • Use proper tab name on the home page (#6477)
  • Added caching to load thumbnails faster (#6484)
  • Added options to import/export settings (#6542)
  • Improved reliability of the search experience (#6671)
  • Added support for choosing custom icons (#6639)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that would occur when going up from a network root path (#6204)
  • Fixed an issue where the edit tags & edit terminals buttons weren't working (#6236)
  • Fixed an issue where the OneDrive sync status wasn't updating (#6248)
  • Fixed issue where preview pane would be shown unexpectedly when quickly selecting then unselecting a file (#6297)
  • Fixed drag and drop from 7zip (#6387)
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts not working in the column layout (#6446)
  • Fixed an issue where the context menu had the wrong height (#6483)
  • Switch quicklook preview on selection change (#6543)
  • Fixed an issue where env variables didn't refresh when launching terminal (#6663)

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