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Introducing v2.0

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10 months ago

New Features

  • Added a column view layout (#4176)
  • Added proper support for libraries (#4134)
  • Redesigned the right click context menu (#4406)
  • Added the option to open Storage Sense when a disk is almost full (#4409)
  • Added a drill-in animation to homepage navigation (#4293)
  • Improved item enumeration speed (#4199)
  • The share flyout now uses the app theme (#4427)
  • Enable search on the new tab page to search all drives (#5969)
  • Improved the preview pane design (#4445)
  • Added the option to search unindexed items at the bottom of the search results page (#4466)
  • Added details when copying, moving & deleting items (#4411)
  • Added option to open the themes folder from the settings page (#4498)
  • Improved behavior when opening new tabs (#4549)
  • Added an option to paste when right clicking on a directory (#4541)
  • Allow dragging items without selecting them first (#4626)
  • Added advanced options for solving conflicts when transferring files (#4519)
  • Added the ability to create a folder with the current selection (#4672)
  • Display more details when hovering the mouse over a file (#4443)
  • Added optional check boxes for selecting items (#4685)
  • Clicking the up button in the root directory now navigates to the home page (#4717)
  • Added support for searching in libraries (#4716)
  • Added a setting to always open folders in a new tab (#4365)
  • Added support for using executables as drop targets (#4737)
  • Added support for grouping folder contents (#4826)
  • Added Ctrl+F shortcut to open the search box (#4942)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for changing the layout mode (#4809)
  • Added support for copying, moving, and renaming items as administrator (#4986)
  • Auto refresh network folders when content changes (#4999)
  • Moved settings page to a dialog (#5077)
  • Auto hide cloud section when no cloud drives are detected (#5082)
  • Added the option to use middle click to scroll (#5065)
  • Added overflow support to the toolbar (#5102)
  • Added a security page to the properties dialog (#5114)
  • Added F11 shortcut to switch to full-screen view (#5152)
  • Improved adaptive layout behavior (#5140)
  • Moved the loading indicator to the tab item (#5192)
  • Added the ability to open and close the sidebar by resizing it (#5006)
  • Add Ctrl+Shift+Tab shortcut to select previous tab (#5245)
  • Added a dialog for extracting archives (#5175)
  • Added options to hide/show sections on the sidebar (#5328)
  • Added compact overlay mode (#5266)
  • Added support for canceling a file operation, improved the speed and reliability of file operations (#5342)
  • Automatically preview readme files when no file is selected (#5393)
  • Added context menu option to Bundles to add items directly to a Bundle (#5475)
  • Improved startup time (#5561)
  • Added open with flyout to the right click context menu (#5708)
  • Added experimental support for file Tags (#5629)
  • Added FTP support (#5627)
  • Shell items are now displayed in the sidebar context menu (#5836)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where menu items were sometimes hidden (#4277)
  • Fixed an issue with loading custom themes (#4322)
  • Fixed an issue where images wouldn't always be saved with the right encoding (#4669)
  • Fixed an issue where Files would crash when using a high contrast theme (#4969)
  • Fixed an issue where the Recycle Bin folder would appear empty on start or new tab opening (#5270)

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