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Introducing v1.5

latest releases: v2.3.7, v2.3.6, v2.3.5...
17 months ago

New Features

  • F1 shortcut now opens the Files Wiki (#3647)
  • Added collapsible sections to the sidebar (#3661)
  • Added the ability to add the Home directory as a startup page (#3715)
  • Added a WSL section to the sidebar (#3782)
  • Added a library section to the sidebar (#3761)
  • Made some enhancements to the bundles widget (#3637)
  • Added adaptive layout modes (#3526)
  • Added support for custom themes (#3890)
  • Added the option to drag items between bundles (#3901)
  • Added ability to launch Files with relative paths from command line (#3877)
  • Added folder previews to the preview pane (#3773)
  • Added the option to close tabs to the right (#3929)
  • Added support for collapsing the sidebar (#3895)
  • Moved selection and layout options to toolbar (#4135)
  • Improved windowing/tab behavior when launching Files though different methods (#3854)
  • Added the ability to pin folders to the start menu (#4059)
  • Added the option to delete items as administrator (#4203)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would crash the app when navigating to a path longer than 255 chars (#3716)
  • Fixed an issue where Ctrl+N was opening two windows (#3770)
  • Fixed an issue where the date would sometimes display in the wrong time zone (#3776)
  • Fixed an issue where drives were not removed from sidebar when disconnected (#4192)
  • Fixed an issue where the UAC prompt would show when opening .url shortcuts (#4202)

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