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Introducing Files v0.8.1

latest releases: v2.3.7, v2.3.6, v2.3.5...
pre-release2 years ago

New Features

  • 8e45dca Added option to set an image as lockscreen background (#755)
  • daad7c3 Upgrade WinUI to v2.4 (#711)
  • 08f6190 Added support for uppercase image extension (#770)
  • 0db7a08 Added support for ctrl + click deselection in grid view (#788)

Bug Fixes

  • 73703c5 Fixed context menu appearing when right clicking on empty space in List view mode (#761)
  • 7222bfb Parse command line before App launch (#746)
  • f3e6cb3 Fixed file rename with space added opening QuickLook (#780)
  • 2b4ba1b Fixed grid view selection bugs (#787)

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