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Introducing Files v0.7.6

latest releases: v2.3.6, v2.3.5, v2.3.3...
pre-release2 years ago

New Features

  • Added drag and drop support. (thanks @jeffsieu )
  • The properties dialog now displays the MD5 hash.
  • Pasted items are now selected after a paste operation.
  • Improved the functionality for sorting files and folders.
  • Network locations are now available in the sidebar.
  • You can now launch any terminal that is in your terminal profile list from the navigation bar.
  • Implemented the selection options on the status bar.
  • Invert selection of items (thanks @jeffsieu )
  • Natural sorting (thanks @jeffsieu )
  • More tooltips in certain places (thanks @MarcAnt01)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where trying to paste a folder into itself would crash the app.
  • Fixed an issue where right clicking on an item when the navigation bar was focused would crash the app.
  • Default locations are now detected in a better way (thanks @tsvietOK )
  • New storage item creation loses focus on each character (thanks @tsvietOK )

Thanks to: @BuraChuhadar @R3voA3 @xpoppyx @GavinYou082 and others!

Better Addressing Your Feedback
We've taken some time to reflect on how to best address feedback as well as schedule addressing them for future releases, and have decided the best way to continue providing a high-quality experience is to utilize milestones less often. You'll notice open feedback items have been moved to the Project board. This change is beneficial for users because it provides more transparency about WHEN a bug/feature is being worked on (rather than an arbitrary version number), so we hope to expand and improve this based on your feedback. @yaichenbaum has been very helpful in pioneering this approach including the now-functional pipelines.

Peer-review By Default
We've also shifted our work to better encourage peer-review (by default). This means we now open PR's just like you do. Feedback in these open items is always welcomed!

Considering we're in the middle of a global pandemic, it is very wonderful to see the amount of enthusiasm and new contributors gained this cycle. Keep up the great work, and stay safe everyone!

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