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Introducing Files v0.7.3

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pre-release2 years ago

Continuing our focus this series on providing Files UWP with a fast, stable, and modular foundation for future releases, we're pleased to announce version 0.7.3. 🎉🎈


New Features

  • We are testing a design refresh, made possible by our modular code base. The new design seeks to remove redundancy and simplify the look for future form factors. We're not done yet, and are thrilled to provide you with this early look that will continue to iterate based on your feedback. If you notice that we missed a certain feature, or would like to help shape the creative direction for the app, please leave us a feedback item. (No coding experience required!)
  • We started work on a status bar, which will gain additional functionality in future updates.
  • Added the option to change the layout mode.

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