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Introducing Files v0.7.0

latest releases: v2.3.6, v2.3.5, v2.3.3...
pre-release2 years ago

New features

  • The app is more responsive when resizing the windows to smaller sizes.
  • Added the ability to jump to a directory item by hitting a letter on the keyboard. Thank you @jeffsieu for all your work on adding this.
  • We heard your feedback loud and clear, you can now go to the settings page and turn on acrylic for the sidebar. - Thank you @lampenlampen for implementing this feature.
  • The Ribbon and Sidebar now have a refreshed design
  • The "File" ribbon item is now a flyout which is more descriptive of its commands
  • You will notice a new flyout that appears during Paste and Delete operations to provide information about their progress. More work on this flyout will be done in future updates.
  • New Fluent icon for folders.
  • QuickLook integration is now available (thanks @lampenlampen)
  • The setting pages have been redesigned, it now has a cleaner interface that will allow us to add many new options while keeping them easy to access.
  • We have made a lot of improvements to loading large directories, and the speed should now be closer to what it is like in File Explorer.
  • We added an option to disable the OneDrive integration.
  • We started work on localization for other languages, this is still a work in progress and some areas of the app are missing strings.
  • Over the past few months, we have done a lot of work on refactoring the codebase. As a result, a few things that worked previously might be broken in this build, if you find anything, make sure to send us a report.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed where some users were running into issues accessing the downloads folder.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from opening executable files that required administrative rights.
  • Keyboard Accelerators (e.g. CTRL + V) should be more reliable now
  • Navigating Up will use the current layout mode

Known Issues

  • If you turn toggle the setting for OneDrive off and then on again you will see two items for OneDrive in the sidebar.

Microsoft Store

You may have noticed that over the past few months we haven't released any updates to the store. This is because we have run into a bug with creating release packages. While this issue still exists we were able to create a package that you can sideload, we know this is not ideal and we hope to be able to release an update to the store in the near future.

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