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Introducing Files v0.6.5

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pre-release2 years ago

NOTE: There is currently an issue preventing creation of non-x64 packages in Visual Studio, so we're releasing v0.6.5 as a preview to x64 users only. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we hope to bring this new version to the other architectures in the near future.

New features

  • Remove recent item option (Thanks @RobbyRobbyRobby)
  • Open in Terminal
  • Redesigned Unhandled-Exception message
  • Tweaks to Home layout
  • Added icons and rounded corners to instance tabs
  • Allow reordering of instance tabs
  • Make splash screen optional (Thanks @yaichenbaum)
  • Tweaks to density of PhotoAlbum layout
  • Open in new tab & new window context menu items
  • Easy creation of new items from context menu (Thanks @jeffsieu)
  • Dynamic refresh of Drives list
  • Sorting Storage Items (Thanks @jeffsieu)
  • In-line renaming of items (Thanks @jeffsieu)

Bugs fixed

  • Defer loading of recent items until permission is granted
  • Users can now launch all executable files
  • Prevent tab content from disappearing when Ctrl is pressed while clicking it
  • Properly display version number in About page
  • Splash screen delay has been reduced (thanks @yaichenbaum)
  • Request smaller thumbnail sizes in PhotoAlbum view
  • Don't hold references to selected tab instances in ItemViewModel
  • Ensure item loading is properly canceled upon navigation
  • Prevented display of stale items after back/forward navigation
  • Improvements to executable launching from Recent Items
  • Fix related to compiling the solution
Rollout of the New App Icon

Thanks to a lengthy, community-driven discussion since the summer, we've finally decided on a wonderful new app icon. The community members who we're recognizing for this contribution are listed in the Settings > About page.

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