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Development is back on with Files 0.6.2

latest releases: v2.3.7, v2.3.6, v2.3.5...
pre-release3 years ago

In case you do not want to build from the source there is now an option to download the preview from the Microsoft Store

What's New:

  • Up navigation Button
    The ability to navigate to the parent directory is finally here

  • Clickable PathBar
    You can now click through the directories in the PathBar, rather than entering the whole path

  • Easily open new instances of Files from the ribbon

  • Layout Clear all command - This makes it easier to clear selected items

  • Properties Dialog
    View basic properties for items. (this experience will improve in the future)

  • Navigation Crash prevention - Navigating to many locations rapidly would cause a crash, now this has been fixed

  • App will now properly detect system theme on first launch - Thanks @yaichenbaum

  • Ensure item is deleted during Cut operation - Fixed

  • Progress box during Delete Operation

Know Issues With This Release:

  • Opening a large directory and clicking a location on the PathBar while it's still loading will cause instability. (Fixed in master)
  • Version number in Settings menu is incorrectly displaying 0.5.0 instead of 0.6.2

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