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pre-release3 years ago

Hello Community,

When I started work on Files more than a year ago, I couldn't possibly grasp the numerous subsequently-added improvements, and eventual outpouring of constructive feedback upon its open sourcing.

UPDATE: Since I now understand how this project's continued evolution and role is to everyone (including myself), I realize that the previous announcement made was impulsive on my part, and not the best trajectory Files should head down.

Since there may be a slight decline in contributions (from me) during the upcoming year, there was a pronounced need to notify the community of this to create the distinction between a professional open source project and one lead by a high school student on his free time. I now feel that I spoke way too soon with the previous announcement, and will reverse all of the planned changes. This means that the project will NOT continue its search for a new lead developer, nor will the ability to submit feedback directly to me go away. This decision is being made by me under the condition that users realize I'll only be able to work on Files during the weekends and breaks.

I apologize for the confusion around this decision and its reversal. I'll be looking forward to improving the app once again.

Luke Blevins

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