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pre-release3 years ago

Hello everybody,

This version is a snapshot of the work being done in newui which contains many enhancements, and you guessed it-a new user interface! While various things don't work (or work poorly), there has been major progress in making Files UWP a finished project.

UI Redesign

I was inspired by Michael West's Twitter concepts to create a more dense, yet Fluent design with rounded corners to match Microsoft's great new aesthetic. This is very much a work in progress.

Instance Tabs

Similar to your favorite internet browsers, you can now create multiple instances of Files in tabs to quickly switch between open folders. This required a lot of code change.

More Coming Soon...

Expect to see more design refinements and features added before I consider this layout, Project Mumbai, to be complete.

  • Properties Window
  • Icon Size Mode
  • Custom Libraries
  • "Open in new tab/window..." Context Menu Items

Keep the great issue reports and PRs coming, so I know where to focus my efforts this summer.

- duke7553

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