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Files UWP v0.5

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pre-release3 years ago

⚠This and future versions will now only work on 1809+

What's New:

  • Custom Locations - You can now customize where Files looks for your common locations from the Settings menu. Just enter a path, different drive or not, press save, and restart the app for these changes to take affect.
  • Pinning Sidebar Items - A commonly used feature in Windows File Explorer is pinning locations to the sidebar for easy access. Files can do this from a folder's context menu, starting today.
  • Keyboard Accelerators - These should work more reliably in this version, and have changed to be more familiar.
  • Remove Ugly Cell Focus Indicator from DataGrid - This was always an eyesore. Now it's gone. You're welcome. 😀
  • Closing the Last Tab Will Now Close the App - This is now implemented to match the behavior of your favorite web browsers.
  • Crash fixes - Files should no longer crash when switching between tabs while a directory is loading, and shouldn't crash on startup.
  • Compact Sidebar Layout - You'll no longer have to scroll to see all of your drives since they take up less space.
  • More Subtle Rounded Corners - This is still a work in progress until supported by every control, but you should things look less playful while still striking that natural balance.
  • Removing Sidebar Acrylic - While I understand many users may be disappointed by this change, it was necessary because heavy splashes of acrylic can distract the user. This change is also in-line with the revised Microsoft Fluent Design guidelines for navigation panes, which I am committed to utilizing fully. I will be closely monitoring user feedback from this change.

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