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pre-release3 years ago

Call for Testing: ARM Build
As of 2/20/2019, I was able to compile an ARM build.
Testers should check whether launching executables works in these builds, and report back.
PLEASE NOTE: The app may crash because the legacy part only builds for x86 and x64

Fixed Issues / New Features:

  • Items without a thumbnail now display an icon

  • Deleting won't require a refresh, and it supports multiple items

  • AddItem is more reliable

  • Vastly improved Paste experience

  • Enable some keyboard accelerators

  • Files can now launch executables, which opens up the possibility for navigating to the current directory for a powershell shortcut -pictured below [thanks ashikns]

  • Project code reorganization into a new folder

  • Share UI working
    67df6362-2c59-4979-b468-72161e542ab0 png

  • New consent dialog

  • Improved visibility of titlebar close, min, max buttons [thanks ATec Solutions]

  • New path bar for GenericFileBrowser w/validation

  • Reorder animation for PhotoAlbum layout [thanks ATec Solutions]

  • GenericFileBrowser context menus now display when right clicking empty space
    532ec337-364b-4b47-97f0-9b39c8f2de46 png

Thanks everybody, and have a great day,

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