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Introducing v0.23

latest releases: v2.3.7, v2.3.6, v2.3.5...
pre-release20 months ago

New Features

  • Added support to undo & redo file operations (#2358)
  • Added the option to restore recently closed tabs (#2474)
  • Highlight the previous folder when going up a directory (#2499)
  • Implemented the search feature (#2446)
  • Added the option to list and sort directories alongside files (#2606)
  • Added an empty space where there are no columns in the Details layout (#2611)
  • Added the option to hide columns in the Details layout (#2622)
  • Added an option to show system files (#2638)
  • Added more file types to the new file menu (#2644)
  • Switched the color of the selection rectangle to use the system accent color (#2650)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where you cannot display more than four drives in a row on the home page (#2465)
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the back button on the settings page in tablet mode wouldn't work (#2459)
  • Fixed an issue where opening files wouldn't work when the directory was sorted by files size or by file type (#2487)
  • Fixed an issue where the text in the properties dialog would get cut off in some languages (#2484)
  • Fixed an issue where previously empty directories would still display "This folder is empty" after pasting an item (#2504)
  • Fixed an issue where the app would sometimes crash when deleting an item (#2585)
  • Fixed an issue where the recent files widget was not accessible via the screen reader (#2596)
  • Fixed an issue where drag and drop would sometime crash the app (#2511)
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard focus would get stuck within the file browser page, status bar and grid splitter (#2595)
  • Fixed an issue where the properties dialog would sometimes show the properties of the wrong directory (#2629)

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