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Introducing v0.18

latest releases: v2.3.6, v2.3.5, v2.3.3...
pre-release21 months ago

New Features

  • 8bc30c8 Added a properties menu item to the sidebar's context menu (#2089)
  • 04709ad Added support to display custom folder icons (#2094)
  • 0fa2518 Right clicking on an empty space will now display shell context menu items (#2100)
  • ad856a3 Improved the coloring of the tab strip and library cards (#2110)
  • ad1e323 Improved support for High Contrast themes (#2126)
  • d4a4181 Added support for selecting items with a selection rectangle (#2119)
  • a3a878c Added AutomationProperties to the status bar and library cards (#2139)
  • bad3a7e Added a setting to open items with a single click (#2130)
  • a3ceb3d Added support for icon overlays (#2149)

Bug Fixes

  • f42b096 Fixed an issue with the way dates were displayed in the app (#2092)
  • be25b5f Fixed a crash that would occur if a user tried to create a new folder in recycle bin (#2108)
  • d55b793 Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when opening files and folders (#2138)
  • eb5be8d Fixed an issue where double clicking to open an item would not work in ListView if the item was already selected (#2142)
  • f3401af Fixed an issue where navigation shortcuts would not work when items were selected (#2147)

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