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Introducing v0.16

latest releases: v2.3.7, v2.3.6, v2.3.5...
pre-release22 months ago

New Features

  • 97164e5 Added the option to change the layout mode by right clicking on a blank space (#2002)
  • 3344148 Enabled the "Open Linux shell here" context menu item (#2004)
  • d13710b Added AutomationProperties for the navigation toolbar (#2035)
  • dfd0488 Added a details page to the properties dialog (#1962)

Bug Fixes

  • 64a294f Fixed an issue with sorting items (#2000)
  • 4acc28d Fixed an issue where trying to copy a file name would copy the file instead (#2032)
  • c9aa94d Fixed issues with sorting items from the right click context menu (#2039)
  • 0bce9fc Fixed two issues with keyboard navigation (#2037)
  • 284a344 Fixed an issue where the content of the man window isn't interactable after the properties window is closed (#2045)

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