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Introducing v0.15

latest releases: v2.3.6, v2.3.5, v2.3.3...
pre-release22 months ago

New Features

  • f538c3f Moved the set image as the lockscreen background and set image as the desktop background options to a sub menu (#1890)
  • 1eb0e0a Added settings to choose multitasking preferences (#1833)
  • cd52249 Added a copy location button to the right click context menu (#1906)
  • 7f63050 Improved context menu load time (#1921)
  • 3b2c656 Added a file progress UI (#1919)
  • ddb0035 Added a button to restart the app after changing the language (#1856)

Bug Fixes

  • a0a86a6 Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when selecting some options on the right click context menu (#1881)
  • 4813388 Fixed an issue where the file access consent dialog would sometimes show even after permission was already granted (#1917)
  • e948a58 Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur on startup (#1918)
  • 4e66a53 Fixed an issue where navigating away from the home page sometimes wouldn't work (#1926)
  • 1f5562a Fixed a crash that would sometime occur when dragging a tab outside the app (#1941)

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