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Introducing v0.14

latest releases: v2.3.6, v2.3.5, v2.3.3...
pre-release23 months ago

New Features

  • 36511c8 Enabled the option to continue where you left off when opening Files UWP (#1779)
  • 4ef6aeb Added a push notification that asks for feedback when the app crashes (#1666)
  • 1eb8a2d Implemented the ability to rename files and folders from the properties window (#1781)
  • 6b6878c Added support for Dynamic Shell Context Menus (#1754)
  • 7700885 Updated the confirm delete dialog to include the number of selected items (#1863)

Bug Fixes

  • a5ca73f Fixed several issues around renaming files and folders (#1736)
  • 2817842 Fixed an issue that would sometime occur when loading recent items on the home page (#1745)
  • fbb098e Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when loading drives (#1778)
  • a5a43f4 Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when copying items to usb drives (#1780)
  • d20ecff Fixed an issue where external devices cannot be removed while the app is opened (#1828)
  • d0f3407 Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when cutting an item (#1820)
  • bef5b29 Fixed an issue where opening the properties window would sometimes crash the app on 1903/1909 (#1850)

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