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Introducing v0.13

latest releases: v2.3.6, v2.3.5, v2.3.3...
pre-release24 months ago

New Features

  • 06d3de2 Added an option to open more than one page on startup (#1443)
  • 287b2cb Redesigned the tabbed interface (#1459)
  • 0a3e614 Added an option to open jumplist items in an existing instance (#1462)
  • 6b7330a Remember the sort option and direction across multiple sessions (#1439)
  • 518f528 Added relative path support and environmental variable support to the NavigationBar (#1478)
  • 680ff9b Highlight the NavigationBar when hovering over it (#1500)
  • 076db04 Added the ability to use the escape key to exit the properties window (#1504)
  • e6d057a Added the ability to resize the sidebar (#1512)
  • 83676d6 Auto complete folder names when typing in the NavigationNar (#1522)
  • e84b383 Implemented folder dropdown list for the NavigationBar (#1533)
  • 060b39d Added drop support to the NavigationBar (#1507)
  • 1ce06f5 Added support for launching URIs from the NavigationBar (#1578)
  • 0d79aa8 Implemented dragging storage items from other apps into Files UWP (#1575)
  • 88e6747 Implemented drop to sidebar items (#1571)
  • ae9d45f Added support for shortcut files (#1573)
  • aa2a232 Added an icon to indicate if folders are empty (#1614)
  • 890bfbc Added "open" to the context menu for folders and shortcuts (#1656)

Bug Fixes

  • ba0bd5a Fixed an issue with launching terminal profiles from the NavigationBar (#1447)
  • 924464a Fixed a bug where invert selection would not work (#1551)
  • 1037f9b Fixed a crash that occurred when parsing the Terminal.json file (#1552)
  • 2c5d6c6 Fixed an issue where the tab title did not display correctly in some cases (#1549)
  • 225f956 Fixed drag-drop and rearrange tabs (#1565)
  • a3eb151 Fixed an issue where closing the properties window would sometimes crash the app (#1646)

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