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Introducing Files v0.11

latest releases: v2.3.6, v2.3.5, v2.3.3...
pre-release2 years ago

New Features

  • 95cb0a0 Improved performance on selection operations (#1063)
  • a4f4a15 Improved support for opening multiple files at a time (#1062)
  • 81372ea Added item count to the status bar (#1065)
  • bc85ac8 Improved "last tab closing" behavior (#768)
  • a8e88bb Upgrade SDK Version to v2004 (#1078)
  • 98a0efc Show progress when calculating MD5 hash (#1082)
  • 4e7d698 Launch files (with other files in folder as param) to support apps like Photos and Movies & TV (#1081)
  • 4d27841 Added pin directory to sidebar to right click context menu (#1084)
  • 705fd2c Add ability to empty recycle bin from sidebar context menu (#1096)
  • 5c0e082 Use FindFirstFile to calculate Directory Size Recursively (#1099)
  • f6a3c01 Added Support for Date Accessed and File Owner Properties (#1055)
  • 86e87f1 Redesigned the settings pages (#1142)
  • a8f5561 Added icons to the right click context menu on the sidebar (#1184)
  • a02295a Added support for custom shellcontextmenu items (#699)
  • c04daf4 Add support for combined and drive properties (#1211)
  • e4b9798 Add support for BitLocker (#1159)
  • 3043116 Retrieve Better Thumbnails for Files in Properties Dialog (#1233)
  • d2ac020 Modify context menu options for executable and installer files (#1155)
  • 6dcb360 Recycle bin improvements (#1137)
  • eb52dcf Added string for "New tab" that appears in path (#1239)

Bug Fixes

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