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25 days ago

This is a patch release for the Calibration network users. The Calibration network is scheduled for an upgrade to include the two additional built-in actor events to ease the transition and observability of DDO for the ecosystem (#964 and #968).

The agreed-upon epoch between the Filecoin implementer team for the update is 1493854, corresponding to 2024-04-03T11:00:00Z. All Calibration network users need to upgrade to this patch release before that.

Lotus Mainnet Users: For users on the Mainnet, the Lotus v1.26.0 release already includes the aforementioned events in preparation for the Mainnet nv22 upgrade. Therefore, both v1.26.0 and v1.26.1 versions are suitable for use on the Mainnet for the coming network version 22 upgrade.

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