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9 days ago

Spin v1.2.1

This is a patch release of Spin to pick up a few features and improvements that didn't quite make it into Spin v1.2.0.

Verifying the Release Signature

After downloading the v1.2.1 release of Spin, either via the artifact attached to this release corresponding to your OS/architecture combination or via the install script, you are ready to verify the release signature.

First, install cosign. This is the tool we'll use to perform signature verification. Then run the following command:

cosign verify-blob \
    --signature spin.sig --certificate crt.pem \
    --certificate-identity \
    --certificate-oidc-issuer \
    --certificate-github-workflow-sha fbc3874ee2320389e78b7661f4412201d8cb718a \
    --certificate-github-workflow-repository fermyon/spin \

If the verification passed, you should see:

Verified OK

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v1.2.0...v1.2.1

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