github fastlane/fastlane 2.150.0.rc6

  • [deliver] give better error message when edit or live version is not found when downloading screenshots (#16714) via @joshdholtz

  • [produce][spaceship] add users to app when created (#16695) via @joshdholtz
  • [deliver] updated docs on how to use submission and fix for submission information when using CLI (#16706) via @joshdholtz
  • [deliver][spaceship] wait for screenshots to be completed after processing and download properly formatted screenshots and error on processing error (#16709) via @joshdholtz
  • [deliver][spaceship] choose highest edit version, retry on 500, submit without app version (#16713) via @joshdholtz

  • [spaceship] waiting_for_review is editable (ish) (#16680) via @joshdholtz
  • [spaceship] retry file uploader and poll app preview to set frame (#16684) via @joshdholtz
  • [deliver][fastlane_core] run iTMSTransporter with xcrun if Xcode 11 or up (#16689) via @joshdholtz
  • [deliver][spaceship] fix 500 with appInfos and skip already uploaded screenshots with deliver (#16694) via @joshdholtz

  • [deliver] more helpful errors when missing values when submitting with deliver (#16646 ) via @joshdholtz
  • [deliver] fix issue with categories being deleted ($16652) via @joshdholtz
  • [deliver] warn about deprecated age rating values (#16655) via @joshdholtz
  • [produce] warn about deprecated language names (#16656) via @joshdholtz
  • [deliver] set all countries when first price tier is set (#16656 ) via @joshdholtz
  • [deliver] allow default meta language (#16657) via @joshdholtz
  • [action] fix set_changelog action to work again (#16658) via @joshdholtz
  • [spaceship][deliver] multithread screenshot deletes and and retry request on 504 response (#16667) via @joshdholtz
  • [spaceship] increase timeout from 300 to 1200 for web session app store connect api requests (#16676) via @joshdholtz

  • [deliver][produce][spaceship] Update to use new App Store Connect API endpoints (#16626) via @joshdholtz

Instructions on testing the release candidate


Update your Gemfile to include the following:

gem "fastlane", ">= 2.150.rc6"

And then run:

bundle update fastlane


gem install fastlane --pre


gem install fastlane -v 2.150.0.rc6
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pre-release3 months ago