github falcosecurity/falcoctl v0.5.0

4 days ago

What's Changed

  • update: use mark flags as mutually exclusive for cron and every by @loresuso in #254
  • chore(deps): Bump from 2.9.5+incompatible to 2.16.0+incompatible by @dependabot in #255
  • chore(deps): Bump from 0.2.0 to 0.7.0 by @dependabot in #257
  • fix(push.go): allow the push cmd to inform about the required flags by @vjjmiras in #258
  • fix(artifact/info): print tags in their original format by @alacuku in #259
  • docs: update readme title according to description of root cmd by @loresuso in #260
  • Improve TLS install command by @maxgio92 in #256
  • refactor(cmd/artifact): share flags and cleanup descriptions by @maxgio92 in #263
  • chore(cmd/artifact/install): fix description by @maxgio92 in #262
  • chore(deps): Bump from 0.0.0-20220214200702-86341886e292 to 0.1.0 by @dependabot in #265
  • Update go to 1.20 and cleanup ci job by @cpanato in #268
  • fix(cmd/registry): login to registry before running pull/push cmds by @alacuku in #270
  • chore(falcoctl): bump oras-go to v2(GA) by @arukiidou in #224
  • update(Makefile): bump golangci-lint version to 1.52.2 by @alacuku in #271
  • feat(index/remove): add output messages for index remove command by @alacuku in #274
  • feat(index/add): add output messages for index add command by @alacuku in #272
  • feat(index/update): add output messages for index update command by @alacuku in #273
  • chore(deps): Bump from 20.10.17+incompatible to 20.10.24+incompatible by @dependabot in #275
  • fix(registry/push): create tar.gz archive for raw input files by @alacuku in #278
  • chore(oci): more clear error on wrong type by @therealbobo in #279
  • fix: check directory existance iff necessary by @therealbobo in #280
  • fix(cmd/registry/pull): updated help message by @therealbobo in #282
  • chore(makefile): add clean target and update phony targets by @maxgio92 in #283
  • fix(cmd/artifact): authenticate only for subcommands that require it by @alacuku in #284
  • add slsa provenance for binaries and sign container images by @developer-guy in #286
  • update(ci): only sign releases by @LucaGuerra in #287
  • new(docs): how to verify falcoctl signature by @LucaGuerra in #289

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