github falcosecurity/falco-exporter v0.8.0

latest releases: v0.8.6, v0.8.5, v0.8.4...
16 months ago


  • 7c4fe82 fix(docker): fixed dockerfile golang version.
  • f3f6100 fix(ci): drop i386 build + add timeout to goreleaser.
  • e69c0b3 update(ci): switch to cimg circle ci go image instead of old unsupported circleci/golang.
  • f30cada docs: update docs example
  • f279c7b docs( add notice for Falco 0.33 changes in prerequisites
  • 0c82c4b update(deploy/k8s): update default socket path
  • b934a32 docs( update command line usage
  • 7aa0a13 update(cmd): default unix socket path for Falco 0.33
  • f0e4edd Update Alpine to 3.16
  • 286df41 chore(OWNERS): remove duplicates in reviewers
  • 48478d3 cleanup(OWNERS): remove inactive approvers
  • 78bcd38 update(OWNERS): add jasondellaluce
  • b842642 test(circleci): bump golang image to 1.17.5
  • dd894ca build(go.mod): bump go version to 1.17
  • a079011 update(go.mod): bump dependencies versions
  • c0a091e link fix for getting started

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