github falcosecurity/falco-exporter v0.3.0

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3 years ago


d71f4db docs( update instructions for Docker and Kubernetes
f2d1bd1 build(Makefile): fetch chart source from another dir
d2e8f46 chore(deploy): remove helm chart
4230220 update(deploy): bump versions
dca84f7 update: correct client-go version
a38b5ec docs: update minimum requirements
f68c92a fix(Makefile): correct cleanup for deploy/k8s target
23c4fb0 fix(deploy): remove unnecessary new lines
b17093a docs( update for v0.2.0
4865682 docs(deploy/k8s): update instructions for gRPC over unix socket
7cda9c3 update(deploy/k8s): switch to gRPC over unix socket by default
713e5e7 update(deploy/helm): bump versions to 0.2.0
56c4d69 update(deploy/helm): gRPC over unix socket by default
d81a41d new(deploy/helm): gRPC over unix socket support
30ac411 build: avoid custom user
bffa9d6 chore(cmd): print timeout to log
5d5f6a3 update(docker)!: remove local Dockerfile
922713e new(cmd): gRPC over unix socket
95b8a0a feat(cmd): graceful shutdown
2ce1c9f update: switch to bidirectional gRPC
eaf43ae update(.github): fix link
9b9c58e update(.github): remove release-note block from PR template

Docker images

  • docker pull falcosecurity/falco-exporter:latest
  • docker pull falcosecurity/falco-exporter:0.3.0

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