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v1.6.0 - 11 April 2022


  • PR #476 - Metrics refactor (@magiconair @nathanejohnson)

    This is a large change. All previously supported metrics backends
    are still supported, however this is a complete rewrite of the functionality
    moving over to the gokit framework for implementations. In addition
    to all previously supported metrics backends (circonus, graphite, statsd),
    prometheus support has been added, as well as dogstatsd, have been added,
    with full tagging support. Unfortunately some backwards compatibility
    with graphite histograms does not work, due to the way gokit handles
    these. Statsd support has changed as well, but it was horribly broken
    in that counters never reset like they were supposed to. Overall, the
    improvements should outweigh the negatives of backwards compatibility for
    most people.

  • PR #868 - Updating go and alpine versions for Docker (@Netlims)

  • PR #869 - Updating golang.orgx/sys dependency version (@nathanejohnson)

  • PR #866 - Support for arm64 mac build (@nathanejohnson)

  • PR #863 - Add IdleConnTimeout configuration option for http transport

  • PR #857 - admin/ui updates (@dcarbone), updating UI dependencies and
    generation from Makefile

Breaking Changes

As mentioned above, Graphite histograms have changed.

Bug Fixes

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