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17 months ago


3b4d9d7 Release v1.5.15
ef36ef2 Preparing for 1.5.15 release
38b22e3 Merge pull request #803 from fabiolb/feature/changedefaultGOGC
d69d99f Updating the default GOGC to 100. 800 proves to be a bit insane.
019ad7a Stop dynamic TCP listener when upstream is no longer available (#798)
2a56cb9 Merge pull request #794 from fabiolb/updatedeps
54c73a9 Updating dependencies
231e7f2 Merge pull request #790 from stevenscg/patch-1
c06b6fc Update
267f081 updating to show https+tcp+sni
e99883d Updating documentation on verifying releases
d914c1a more README updates
5f60b24 amnend README to point to new signing key
01df0c9 update go version required to build in
066941c updating for v1.5.14

Docker images

  • docker pull fabiolb/fabio:latest
  • docker pull fabiolb/fabio:1.5.15-go1.15.5

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