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20 months ago


16b759d Release v1.5.14
68503e7 walk version back for make release
d629d87 Merge pull request #785 from fabiolb/release/1.5.14
3e6149c Updating documentation for pending 1.5.14 release
bbeb054 fix typo
371346a Merge pull request #787 from fabiolb/issue-768-matchingHostNoGlob
a6c2549 Fixing issue #786 - matchingHostNoGlob sometimes returns incorrect host
205ad55 Merge pull request #784 from nathanejohnson/feature/httpstcpsni
ffec71e https+tcp+sni listener support
e8d6d82 Merge pull request #774 from 0xflotus/patch-1
ba04f7f Merge pull request #775 from josgraha/patch-1
3acec8a chore: fix typo in comments
538bac5 (docs): fixed small error
c034d4f Feat: Pass encoded characters in path unchanged (#489)
1c9dc1d Preserve table state by storing buffer table in fixed strings. Fixes #737 (#749)
15565de Add HTTP method and path to trace span operation name (#715)
828d81f Issue 554 Added compiled glob matching using LRU Cache (#615)
dfee47a Issue 558 - Add Polling Interval From Fabio to Consul to Fabio Config (#572)
70a8754 only deploy once per build (#747)
b317248 switch to github pages for doc hosting (#746)
cec07f5 Issue 647 NormalizeHost (#648)
73c6eef Added idleTimout to config and to serve.go HTTP server (#635)
13c6ab2 Deprecate deregisterCriticalServiceAfter option (#674)
483f415 Add missing entry to example route (#733)
2e79b5a Fix infinite buffering of SSE responses when gzip is enabled (#739)
df63a7a always pull new image
2059151 minor transition updates (#745)
4425372 switch back to travis CI (#744)
235f01f fix date format in doc footer
a67f88b make sure we capture both hosts
136b6f4 fix port
b4ff0ae follow hugo best practices and use a dedicated webserver for static assets (#742)
f4b19d9 more small documentation updates
9da7b1b update readme
619abba Documentation updates for project transition. (#740)
9c6c64a Handle context canceled errors + better http proxy error handling (#644)
a6e750f minor fixups
2c22a77 fix tests after 626
3584cbb Issue 613 tcp dynamic (#626)
08b493a Update Changelog for v1.5.13

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