github explosion/spaCy v3.0.2
v3.0.2: CLI overrides and env variables in projects, base support for Setswana, PhraseMatcher for spans and bug fixes

✨ New features and improvements

  • NEW: Base support for Setswana.
  • The PhraseMatcher can now also be run on Span objects.
  • Support CLI overrides and environment variables in project.yml: a section env defines environment variable names that can be used in commands. The project run command now also supports CLI overrides, e.g. --vars.batch_size 128.
  • Reduce memory load when reading all vectors from file during initialization.
  • Update recommended transformers in training quickstart and init config CLI.

🔴 Bug fixes

  • Fix issue #6826: Ensure the loss value is cast to a float.
  • Fix issue #6891: Include noun_chunks when pickling Vocab.
  • Fix issue #6908: Fix expected type for textcat labels.
  • Fix issue #6924: Correctly pass vocab forward in spacy.blank.
  • Fix issue #6950: Allow pickling Tok2Vec with listeners .
  • Fix issue #6983: Ensure is_same_func works correctly for classes in component decorator.
  • Fix issue #7019: Correctly handle non-float/int values in spacy evaluate printer.
  • Fix issue #7029: Fix listener architecture with empty Doc in batch.

📖 Documentation and examples

  • Improve installation instructions.
  • Fix various typos and inconsistencies.

👥 Contributors

Thanks to @peter-exos, @KoichiYasuoka, @tarskiandhutch, @reneoctavio, @melonwater211, @mapmeld and @Shumie82 for the pull requests and contributions.

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