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Marljeh (v1.9.25)

Geth v1.9.25 is a maintenance release.

Notable changes in this release:

  • Geth has a new subcommand, geth version-check, which displays known security issues (#21859)
  • The geth flag now supports more expressive origin rules (#21481)
  • Recording of trie key preimages can now be disabled using the --cache.preimages flag (#21402)
  • The accounts/abi/bind package now offers replay-protected transaction signing (#21356)
  • The GraphQL API now always returns status code 400 if there is an error processing the query (#21882)
  • The devp2p nodeset filter command can now find snap-enabled nodes (#21950)
  • The eth protocol test suite has been extended with tests for transaction announcements and malicious announce behavior (#21857, #21792)
  • Support for 'retesteth' has been removed from geth since it is no longer used for tests. Its replacement, the evm t8n tool, was released in Geth v1.9.16 (#21861)
  • We now offer signify/minisign signatures for Geth binary downloads as an alternative to PGP. This is experimental, and not yet advertised on the downloads page (#21798)

Bug fixes:

  • A crash in LES server handling of the GetProofsV2 message is resolved. See CVE-2020-26264 advisory for more information (#21896)
  • The LES server no longer locks up during geth shutdown (#21927)
  • Clef now correctly derives accounts for Ledger Live devices (#21757)
  • The faucet now ignores URL query parameters in Facebook post URLs (#21838)
  • Light client peer discovery now uses DNS (#21906)
  • go mod vendor of go-ethereum should now work (#21735)
  • The peer connection acceptor doesn't hot-spin anymore when geth runs out of file descriptors (#21878)
  • Using the reexec option for tracing RPC methods no longer crashes the RPC handler (#21830)
  • common.Hash and common.Address now print as hex when using fmt.Println (#21834)
  • A rare deadlock in Discovery v5 message dispatch is fixed (#21858)
  • Failures in internal CPU metrics collection no longer crash geth (#21864)
  • In Go contract bindings generated by abigen, the Raw field of parsed events is now set correctly (#21807)

For a full rundown of the changes please consult the Geth 1.9.25 release milestone

As with all our previous releases, you can find the:

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