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Noverian Rum (v1.9.22)

Geth v1.9.22 is our usual maintenance release, fixing a few bugs and adding some minor features:

  • Add gpo.maxprice CLI flag to override the upper limit of the automatic gas price suggester (#21531).
  • Add BlockNumber method to ethclient to support retrieving the head block's number (#21500).
  • Extend the call tracer to include additional contextual fields for SELFDESTRUCT (#21549, #21564).
  • Unexpose port 8547 from docker images as GraphQL was merged with HTTP RPC (#21556).
  • Support retroactively setting Petersburg if it coincides with Constantinople (#21473).
  • Support gas estimation against arbitrary blocks, not just pending (#21545. #21601).
  • Extend database inspection results with item counters too beside size (#21495).
  • Dynamically move fast pivot point even during chain sync phase (#21529).
  • Start implementing network protocol testers (#21598, #21603, #21604).
  • Support flexible range proofs for snap sync (#21484. #21199, #21250).
  • Extract rlpx into it's own package for easier protocol tests (#21464).
  • Minor API polishes in the Java mobile framework (#21580).
  • Add fuzzer suite for ABI encoding and decoding (#21217).


  • Print warning if Whisper is present in the config.toml instead of rejecting (#21544).
  • Handle miner suspends/resumption due to sync more gracefully (#21536, #21547).
  • Fix a light client regression that crashed the node after a sync failure (#21537).

For a full rundown of the changes please consult the Geth 1.9.22 release milestone

As with all our previous releases, you can find the:

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