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Red Janey (v1.9.19)

Geth v1.9.19 is our regular biweekly maintenance release. Apart from the numerous bug-fixes however, it also ships a more deterministic transaction sort order during mining (FIFO). The goal is to reduce front-runner spam which abused miner randomness for transactions at the same price level.

  • Sort same-priced transactions by arrival time during mining to reduce front-running (#21358).
  • Persist the trie read cache on shutdown to speed up warmup time after a reboot (#20391).
  • Swap out the block fetcher of les/x to use the same mechanism as eth/6x (#20692).
  • Support setting custom HTTP headers on RCP clients e.g. for authentication (#21392).
  • Refactor node lifecycle management, merge GraphQL onto HTTP endpoint (#21105).
  • Print enode ID of a node too when doing an ENR dump via devp2p (#21270).
  • Trim the build paths to avoid leaking builder infos into the binaries (#21374).
  • Limit concurrent UPnP requests to avoid crashing certain routers (#21390).


  • Fix a potential data corruption by leaking out txpool internals into the miner (#21159).
  • Avoid a light server doing EVM calls during handshake while it's syncing (#21425).
  • Fix the trie clean cache size calculation if snapshots are disabled (#21416).
  • Revert an optimization regression in the JUMPDEST analysis (#21411).
  • Fix EIP 712 structured data signing corner cases (#21306, #21307).
  • Fix round-trip time calculation in the downloader (#21427, #21429).
  • Fix a panic in ethstats on the Görli stats page (#21404, #21434).
  • Fix a hang in the initial fast-sync's state sync phase (#21433).
  • Fix graceful LES server shutdown (#21426).

Note, if you were using GraphQL previously, it was moved to the HTTP RPC endpoint. The old and --graphql.port flags will not work any more. You might need to adjust your TOML config files accordingly too.

For a full rundown of the changes please consult the Geth 1.9.19 release milestone

As with all our previous releases, you can find the:

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