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ESP32-C3 AT Release v2.3.0.0

Documentation for Release v2.3.0.0 is available at

ESP32-C3 AT v2.3.0.0 is a major update for ESP32-C3 AT v2.2.0.0.

The firmwares:


This is the list of changes since release v2.2.0.0:

Breaking Changes

  • esp-idf version updated to release v4.3 (98d34e5).

Known Issue

  • AT+WPS=1 cannot join the AP if you press the WPS button first and then set the AT+WPS=1 command.

1. Feature

1.1 Wi-Fi

  • Added AT+CWSTATE command to query Wi-Fi state
  • AT+CWSTARTSMART: Added ESP-Touch v2 support

1.2 TCP/IP

  • Enlarged AT+CIPSEND command send size to 8 KiB
  • Added AT+CIPSTATE command to query connection state
  • Added AT+CIPSENDL and AT+CIPSENDLCFG command to support long data send
  • Added passthrough mode support when AT as server but only have one connection

1.3 Application Layer

  • Added AT+MQTTALPN command to support MQTT ALPN
  • Added AT+HTTPURLCFG command to configure long URL
  • Added AT+HTTPCGET command to support HTTP GET request
  • AT+HTTPCLIENT: <content-type> parameter can be omitted
  • Added AT+CIPSNTPINTV command to configure SNTP sync interval
  • Added AT+USEROTA command to support the upgrade of custom URL
  • Added fallback DNS server, AT has two DNS servers ("" and "") by default

1.4 System

  • Added AT+SLEEP query command
  • Configured external 32 KHz crystal to support light sleep
  • Modified ESP32-C3 partition for silence mode to accommodate larger firmware

1.6 Bluetooth

Added the following Bluetooth® Low Energy AT Commands. If you upgraded to v2.3.0.0 from v2.2.0.0, please update ble_data partition according the guide before you use Bluetooth LE.

  • AT+RFPOWER command added BLE power set.
  • AT+BLEINIT: Bluetooth LE initialization.
  • AT+BLEADDR: Query/Set Bluetooth LE device address.
  • AT+BLENAME: Query/Set Bluetooth LE device name.
  • AT+BLESCANPARAM: Query/Set parameters of Bluetooth LE scanning.
  • AT+BLESCAN: Enable Bluetooth LE scanning.
  • AT+BLESCANRSPDATA: Set Bluetooth LE scan response.
  • AT+BLEADVPARAM: Query/Set parameters of Bluetooth LE advertising.
  • AT+BLEADVDATA: Set Bluetooth LE advertising data.
  • AT+BLEADVDATAEX: Automatically set Bluetooth LE advertising data.
  • AT+BLEADVSTART: Start Bluetooth LE advertising.
  • AT+BLEADVSTOP: Stop Bluetooth LE advertising.
  • AT+BLECONN: Establish Bluetooth LE connection.
  • AT+BLECONNPARAM: Query/Update parameters of Bluetooth LE connection.
  • AT+BLEDISCONN: End Bluetooth LE connection.
  • AT+BLEDATALEN: Set Bluetooth LE data packet length.
  • AT+BLECFGMTU: Set Bluetooth LE MTU length.
  • AT+BLEGATTSSRVCRE: Generic Attributes Server (GATTS) creates services.
  • AT+BLEGATTSSRVSTART: GATTS starts services.
  • AT+BLEGATTSSRV: GATTS discovers services.
  • AT+BLEGATTSCHAR: GATTS discovers characteristics.
  • AT+BLEGATTSNTFY: Notify a client of the value of a characteristic value from the server.
  • AT+BLEGATTSIND: Indicate the characteristic value from the server to a client.
  • AT+BLEGATTSSETATTR: GATTS sets characteristics.
  • AT+BLEGATTCPRIMSRV: Generic Attributes Client (GATTC) discovers primary services.
  • AT+BLEGATTCINCLSRV: GATTC discovers included services.
  • AT+BLEGATTCCHAR: GATTC discovers characteristics.
  • AT+BLEGATTCRD: GATTC reads characteristics.
  • AT+BLEGATTCWR: GATTC writes characteristics.
  • AT+BLESPPCFG: Query/Set Bluetooth LE SPP parameters.
  • AT+BLESPP: Enter Bluetooth LE SPP mode.
  • AT+BLESECPARAM: Query/Set Bluetooth LE encryption parameters.
  • AT+BLEENC: Initiate Bluetooth LE encryption request.
  • AT+BLEENCRSP: Respond to the pairing request from the peer device.
  • AT+BLEKEYREPLY: Reply the key value to the peer device.
  • AT+BLECONFREPLY: Reply the confirm value to the peer device in the legacy connection stage.
  • AT+BLEENCDEV: Query bonded Bluetooth LE encryption device list.
  • AT+BLEENCCLEAR: Clear Bluetooth LE encryption device list.
  • AT+BLESETKEY: Set Bluetooth LE static pair key.
  • AT+BLEHIDINIT: Bluetooth LE Human Interface Device (HID) profile initialization.
  • AT+BLEHIDKB: Send Bluetooth LE HID keyboard information.
  • AT+BLEHIDMUS: Send Bluetooth LE HID mouse information.
  • AT+BLEHIDCONSUMER: Send Bluetooth LE HID consumer information.
  • AT+BLUFI: Start or Stop BluFi.
  • AT+BLUFINAME: Query/Set BluFi device name.

2. Bugfix

2.1 Wi-Fi

  • Fixed that AT+CWLAP returned ERROR sometimes.
  • Fixed that AT+CWJAP returned wrong error sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue of auto connecting to WPA2 Enterprise AP. Users should always use AT+CWJEAP to connect to a WPA2 Enterprise AP.
  • Fixed a potential crash when the length of SSID is 32 bytes or password is 64 bytes.

2.2 TCP/IP

  • Fixed that AT+CIPSERVER=0,1 should only close clients connected to ESP TCP server.
  • Fixed that active write TCP data in passive mode.
  • Fixed occasional crash in passthrough mode due to socket close.
  • Fixed that OK and > responses are interrupted by other data.
  • Fixed that setup AT+CIPSERVER=5 returned "Have 255 Connections".
  • Fixed that AT+CIPTCPOPT send timeout parameter cannot work sometimes.
  • AT+CIUPDATE: Fixed the failure to do non-blocking OTA due to omitted parameters.

2.3 Application Layer

  • AT+HTTPCPOST: Fixed that the new content-type did not take effect due to the default content-type was set incorrectly.
  • Removed extra space in AT+HTTPCLIENT HEAD response.
  • Fixed that AT+CIPDNS query command returned wrong config.
  • Fixed the crash caused by setting wrong URLs in AT+HTTPCLIENT.

2.4 System

  • Fixed a potential "busy p" issue.
  • Fixed the issue of high power consumption after power on when set AT+CWMODE=0.

2.5 Tools

  • Fixed the GitHub Actions compilation failure due to required python packages.

3. Optimization

  • Added parameters check for AT+WPS command.
  • Added parameters check for AT+CIPSERVER command.
  • Added parameters check for AT+CIPTCPOPT command.
  • Reduced potential NVS write at startup when NVS read the dirty data.
  • Use esp-netif and esp-event to layer instead of tcpip adapter.

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