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2 years ago

ESP8266 AT Release v2.2.1.0

Documentation for v2.2.1.0 is available at
You can download the firmwares to use them, which support OTA from espressif‘s server.

ESP-AT v2.2.1.0 is a minor update for ESP-AT v2.2.0.0.


This is the list of changes since release v2.2.0.0:

Known Issue

  • AT+CWQIF: AT+CWQIF could not output "+STA_DISCONNECTED" prompt

1. Feature

  • ESP8266_RTOS_SDK version updated to release v3.4 (d92d00e)
  • Set flash mode to DOUT for ESP8266/ESP8285 1MB configuration based on compatibility

2. Bugfix

  • Fixed ./ menuconfig returned error
  • Fixed the issue that AT+HTTPCPOST set content-type request header did not take effect

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