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ESP8266-AT Release v2.2.0.0

Documentation for v2.2.0.0 is available at
You can download the firmwares to use them, which support OTA from espressif‘s server.

ESP8266-AT v2.2.0.0 is a major update for ESP8266-AT v2.1.0.0.


This is the list of changes since release v2.1.0.0:

Breaking Changes

  • ESP8266_RTOS_SDK version updated to release v3.4 (967752e)
  • Compiler upgraded from v5.2.0 to v8.4.0
  • AT+CIPDOMAIN: Double quotation marks are added to the string parameters in the response
  • Added WROOM-02-N, WROOM-S2, WROOM_5V2L, ESP8266_1MB module support
  • AT commands supports IPv6 network now
  • ESP8266 SPI AT does not support any more (ESP32-C3 recommended)
  • AT+CWJAP command cannot connect to the open AP any more when given non-null password parameter

Known Issue

  • AT+CWJAP: listen_interval parameter is wrong in the query command response

1. Feature

1.1 Wi-Fi

  • AT+CWRECONNCFG: Support to configure Wi-Fi reconnect interval and maximum retry times
  • AT+CWLAPOPT: Support to filter the scanned result by rssi and authmode
  • AT+CWJAP: Limit the range of listen interval to [1, 100]
  • AT+WPS: Support authmode floor configuration
  • AT+CWSMARTSTART: Support authmode floor configuration
  • AT+CWLAP: Support the information of 802.11 b/g/n in the response
  • AT+CWJAP: Support to configure timeout and pmf, and connect the last recorded AP
  • AT+CWSTATE: New Command to query Wi-Fi state

1.2 TCP/IP

  • AT+SYSMSG: Extended BIT2 parameter for passthrough mode

  • AT+CIUPDATE: Support to upgrade custom partitions and asynchronous OTA

  • AT+PING: Added an error message TIMEOUT for incorrect DNS

  • Modified tcp mss and wnd to improve compatibility

    • Modified tcp mss, from 1460 to 1440
    • Modified tcp wnd, from 5840 to 5760
    • Modified tcp snd buf, from 2920 to 2880
  • Replaced wolfSSL with mbedTLS in SSL connection

  • Disabled setting AT+CIPSSLCCN, AT+CIPSSLCSNI, AT+CIPSSLCALPN, AT+CIPSSLCPSK if the link is already connected

  • AT+CIPSERVER: Added close_all_clients parameter to close all connectiones which connected the server created by AT+CIPSERVER

  • The following AT commands supports IPv6 since v2.2.0.0

    • AT+CIPV6
    • AT+PING
    • AT+CIPAP
    • AT+CIFSR

1.3 Application Layer

  • AT+CIPSNTPCFG: Support to configure half timezone offset
  • AT+WEBSERVER: New command to support Wi-Fi provisioning via SoftAP and Captive Portal
  • AT+HTTPCLIENT: Support chunked data
  • AT+HTTPCPOST: New command to support long data post

1.4 System

  • AT+CMD: New command to query the supported AT commands list
  • AT+USERRAM: New command to alloc ram for host mcu to use it
  • AT+SYSREG: New command to read and write registers
  • AT+SYSRAM: Support to query the minimum heap size
  • AT+GMR: Added chip platform information in the response

2. Bugfix

2.1 Wi-Fi

  • Fixed AT+CWLAP issues
    • Fixed AT+CWLAP returned ERROR when total active scan time is more than 15 seconds
    • Fixed AT+CWLAP did not return ap in the response sometimes
    • Fixed AT+CWLAP blocked more the 10 seconds sometimes
    • Fixed AT+CWLAP rssi filter parameter could not work sometimes
    • Fixed AT+CWLAP could not scan valid ap by ssid and bssid
  • Fixed the issue that AT+CWMODE=1,1 could not auto-connect to AP when Wi-Fi mode switched from WIFI_MODE_NULL
  • Fixed the issue that AT+CWJAP may return wrong error number
  • Fixed AT+WPS failed on multiple ap credentials case
  • Fixed AT+CIPSTA/AT+CIPAP could set wrong IP address due to the lack of rigorous address check

2.2 TCP/IP

  • Fixed wrong state of AT+CIPSTATUS command
  • Fixed data error in passthrough mode with 2Mbps baud rate
  • Fixed AT+CIPRECONNINTV did not work immediately
  • Fixed that the received data was incomplete if the data was too large in softAP mode
  • Fixed AT+CIPSENDEX data was truncated in advance
  • Fixed AT+CIPSEND returned ERROR sometimes
  • Fixed crash when link id < 0
  • Fixed AT+CIPMUX=0 set error when all connections closed
  • Fixed SSL link may not disconnect when IP address changed
  • Fixed potential blocking when hardware flow control enabled
  • Fixed an issue of mistakenly printing "CLOSED" or "+LINK_CONN"
  • Fixed tcp server could not work again if the link closed and opened repeatedly
  • Fixed AT+SAVETRANSLINK could not work sometimes
  • Fixed AT+CIPSERVER could set mode to 2
  • Fixed AT+CIPSTART SSL connect failed if disabled ALPN by AT+CIPSSLCALPN=1,0
  • Fixed tcp send data lost in passthrough mode

2.3 Application Layer

  • Fixed AT+MQTTCONN returned ERROR when checking common name
  • Fixed AT+MQTTUSERCFG? crash after MQTT connected
  • Fixed AT+CIPSSLCALPN query command caused to reboot due to memory coverage
  • Fixed AT+MQTTCONN may cause wdt reset when input some special hostname
  • Fixed the issue that AT+HTTPCLIENT url failed to be omitted

2.4 System

  • Fixed AT+GSLP did not return OK sometimes
  • Fixed AT+GSLP may return ERROR when setting a long deep sleep time
  • Fixed wrong uart pins disabled before deep-sleep
  • Fixed AT+SLEEPWKCFG did not check GPIO configuration issue
  • Fixed the crash when sending command with one redundant character "" before "\r\n"
  • Fixed AT+SLEEP=2 returned OK in softap mode
  • Fixed silence firmware crash sometimes
  • Fixed build fail when disable customized partition
  • Fixed sdio read data error when length bigger than sdio list

3. Optimization

  • Added script to simplify the compilation process and supported windows OS compilation
  • Refactored application directory
  • Removed deprecated GNU make
  • Supported spi & sdio example cmake
  • Removed at_http_webserver example

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