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ESP8266-AT Release v2.1.0.0

Documentation for Release v2.1.0.0 is available at

You can download the firmwares to try them, which support OTA from espressif‘s server.

ESP8266-AT v2.1.0.0 is a major update for ESP8266-AT v2.0.0.0.

This is the list of changes since ESP8266-AT Release v2.0.0.0.

SDK Update and Known issue

  • ESP8266_RTOS_SDK version update to release v3.3(b6e861a).

1. New Feature & Change List

1.1 Wi-Fi

  • AT+CWCOUNTRY: set and query the Wi-Fi country code.
  • AT+CWSTAPROTO: set and query the 802.11 b/g/n protocol standard of station mode.
  • AT+CWAPPROTO: set and query the 802.11 b/g/n protocol standard of SoftAP mode.
  • AT+FACTPLCP: send with long or short PLCP.
  • Support scan mode configuration in the command AT+CWJAP.
  • Support automatically connect to the previous AP when station mode is enabled again by AT+CWMODE.

1.2 TCP/IP

  • AT+CIPTCPOPT: set and query TCP socket options.
  • AT+CIPSSLCCN: set and query SSL client common name.
  • AT+CIPSSLCSNI: set and query SSL client server name indication.
  • AT+CIPSSLCALPN: set and query SSL client application layer protocol negotiation.
  • AT+CIPSSLCPSK: set and query SSL client pre-shared key.
  • Support multicast in the command AT+CIPSTART.
  • Support two-way authentication when create SSL.

1.3 MQTT

  • AT+MQTTUSERCFG: set and query MQTT user configuration.
  • AT+MQTTCLIENTID: Set and query MQTT client ID.
  • AT+MQTTUSERNAME: set and query MQTT username.
  • AT+MQTTPASSWORD: set and query MQTT password.
  • AT+MQTTCONNCFG: set and query configuration of MQTT Connection.
  • AT+MQTTCONN: Connect to MQTT Broker.
  • AT+MQTTPUB: Publish MQTT Data in string format.
  • AT+MQTTPUBRAW: Publish MQTT message in binary-coded format.
  • AT+MQTTSUB: Subscribe MQTT Topic.
  • AT+MQTTUNSUB: Unsubscribe from MQTT Topic.
  • AT+MQTTCLEAN: Close the MQTT Connection.

1.4 HTTP

  • AT+HTTPCLIENT: send HTTP client request.
  • AT+HTTPGETSIZE: get HTTP resource size.

1.5 System

  • AT+SYSLOG: enable or disable the AT error code prompt.
  • AT+SYSSTORE: configure parameter store mode.
  • AT+SYSTIMESTAMP: Set local timestamp.
  • AT+SYSROLLBACK: roll back to the previous firmware.
  • AT+SYSFLASH: set and query user partitions in Flash.
  • Support make SILENCE=1 to disable log for saving flash space.
  • Support ESP8266 power save management.
  • Support ESP8266 1MB module without OTA.
  • Adjust partition table for more features.
  • Adjust AT+RFPOWER command.

2. Bugfix

2.1 Wi-Fi

  • Fix AT+CWLAP scans fail sometimes.
  • Fix the range of AT+CIPRECONNINTV to be [1, 36000].
  • Fix AT+RFPOWER set fail when Wi-Fi commands are disabled.
  • Fix incorrect Wi-Fi state when AT+CWJAP failed.
  • Fix missing Wi-Fi status information if AT+CIPMODE=1.

2.2 System

  • Fix AT responses OK even if command ends with CR.
  • Fix AT+SYSMSG parameter check.
  • Fix make factory_bin generates an incorrect bin when flash works in 80MHz mode.
  • Fix UART parity configuration error.

2.3 Others

  • Fix incorrect last DNS configuration in command AT+CIPDNS.
  • Fix the incorrect returned value of DNS command.
  • Fix the incorrect response value of SNTP command.

3. Optimization

  • Optimize TCP/IP process workflow.
  • Optimize Wi-Fi process workflow.

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