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ESP32-AT Release v2.1.0.0-rc1

Documentation for Release v2.1.0.0 is available at

ESP32-AT v2.1.0.0-rc1 is a major update for ESP32-AT v2.0.0.0.

This is the list of changes since ESP32-AT releases v2.0.0.0.

SDK Update and Known issue

  • It may wakeup fail from light sleep.


  • ESP-IDF version update to release v4.0(e7ac221b).

1.1 Wi-Fi

  • AT+CWCOUNTRY: configurate and query the WiFi country code.
  • AT+CWSTAPROTO: set and query the 802.11 b/g/n protocol standard of station mode.
  • AT+CWAPPROTO: set and query the 802.11 b/g/n protocol standard of SoftAP mode
  • Support automatically connect to the previous AP when station mode is enabled again by AT+CWMODE.
  • Support scan mode configuration in the command AT+CWJAP.

1.2 TCP/IP

  • AT+CIPTCPOPT: configurate and query the TCP socket options, include SO_LINGER, TCP_NODELAY, SO_SNDTIMEO options.
  • Support multicast address in the command AT+CIPSTART.

1.3 TLS

  • AT+CIPSSLCCN: configurate and query SSL client common name(CN).
  • AT+CIPSSLCSNI: configurate and query SSL client server name indication(SNI).
  • AT+CIPSSLCALPN: configurate and query SSL client application layer protocol negotiation(ALPN).
  • AT+CIPSSLCPSK: configurate and query SSL client pre-shared key(PSK).

1.4 BT & BLE

  • Enable BLE HID commands by default.
  • AT+BTCOD: Configure class of BT device.
  • AT+BLUFI: start and stop BLUFI function(configure Wi-Fi information by BLE).
  • AT+BLEADVDATAEX: set BLE advertising data automatically.
  • Add query command of AT+BTSCANMODE, to query BT scan mode.
  • Support multiple services in AT+BLEGATTSSRVCRE.
  • Support scan filter in command AT+BLESCAN.
  • Support discoverable but not connectable mode in command AT+BTSCANMODE.
  • Support BT Pair Compare key.
  • Support retransmission for BT SPP.
  • Support store some BT and BLE parameters to flash.
  • Support BLE connection callback for user to customize it.

1.5 MQTT

  • Enable MQTT commands by default.
  • AT+MQTTCLIENTID: set and query MQTT client ID
  • AT+MQTTUSERNMAE: set and query MQTT username
  • AT+MQTTPASSWORD: set and query MQTT password
  • Add query command for AT+MQTTUSERCFG.
  • Add query command for AT+MQTTCONNCFG.
  • Add query command for AT+MQTTUSERNAME.
  • Add query command for AT+MQTTCLIENDID.
  • Add query command for AT+MQTTPASSWORD.
  • Add MQTT authentication method configuration in menuconfig.

1.6 HTTP

  • Enable HTTP commands by default.
  • AT+HTTPGETSIZE: get HTTP resource size.
  • Support custom request headers in the command AT+HTTPCLIENT.

1.7 System

  • AT+SLEEPWKCFG: configurate the light-sleep wakeup source and awake GPIO.
  • AT+SYSSTORE: to set whether store parameters into flash or not.
  • Separate WPS, PING, SmartConfig and MDNS commands in menuconfig.
  • Support cmake to compile esp-at project.
  • Use ESP-TLS instead of openSSL when OTA via SSL.
  • Add UART port configuration in the factory parameter binary.
  • Change factory parameter version to v2.

1.8 Example

  • Add STM32 example for SDIO SPI AT.
  • Add STM32 SDIO host example.

2. Bugfix

2.1 Wi-Fi

  • Fix AT+RFPOWER set fail when Wi-Fi commands are disabled.
  • Fix AT+CWLAP scan fail while it is connecting Wi-Fi.
  • Fix incorrect Wi-Fi state when AT+CWJAP failed.
  • Fix the range of AT+CIPRECONNINTV to be [1, 36000].
  • Add missing Wi-Fi status information if AT+CIPMODE=1.

2.3 UART

  • Fix UART parity configuration error.

2.4 BT & BLE

  • Fix crash issue when the BLE notification value is too long.
  • Fix crash issue when re-create BLE services.
  • Fix re-enter BLE SPP fail.
  • Fix AT+BLESCAN incorrect parameter issue.
  • Fix HID init fail.
  • Fix data lost issue in BLE SPP.
  • Fix exit from bluetooth throughput mode failed
  • Optimize BLE service discovery in multiple connections status.

2.5 MQTT

  • Fix MQTT crash issue.
  • Fix a block issue of AT+MQTTPUB
  • Fix MQTT can not automatically reconnect.
  • Fix incorrect topic length if the received MQTT data is too long.
  • Fix AT+MQTTPUB fail when Wi-Fi is reconnected.
  • Fix the limited data length of AT+MQTTPUBRAW.
  • Fix the incorrect state responded by AT+MQTTCONN? when Wi-Fi is reconnected.
  • Fix AT+MQTTCONN fail when MQTT closes and re-builds the link.

2.6 HTTP

  • Fix print error of HTTP-download data.
  • Add check of http transport type in the command AT+HTTPCLIENT.
  • Fix a crash issue of some special URL in the command AT+HTTPCLIENT.

2.7 System

  • Fix probable busy issue after AT+CIPSEND returns OK.
  • Fix incorrect information in the factory_parameter.log if module name is not defined.
  • Fix an AT command response error.
  • Fix incorrect AT+CIPSTATUS state when Wi-Fi disconnected.
  • Add missing "+QUIT" message when quit transmission mode and AT+SYSMSG=1

2.8 DNS

  • Fix an issue of incorrect last DNS configuration in command AT+CIPDNS.

2.9 PING

  • Fix an error of AT+PING


  • Optimize sockets process workflow.
  • Optimize AT+CIPSTATUS command process.
  • Optimize transmit terminal process.
  • Check the default max TX power's validity.

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