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ESP32_AT_V2.0.0.0 Release Note

esp32_at_instruction_set_and_examples_en.pdf or


  • Update ESP-IDF to version 3.3(6ccb4cf5).

Base command

  • AT+SYSROLLBACK: Roll back to the previous firmware.
  • AT+SYSTIMESTAMP: Set local time stamp.

Wi-Fi command

  • AT+CWHOSTNAME: Configures the host name of ESP station
  • AT+CWQIF: Disconnect station from the ESP softAP.
  • Update command AT+CWJAP, add a parameter of listen interval

TCPIP command

  • AT+CIPSTARTEX: Establishes TCP connection, UDP transmission or SSL connection by auto assigning ID.
  • AT+CIPSSLCCONF: Config SSL client.
  • AT+CIPRECONNINTV: Set the interval of auto-reconnecting in Wi-Fi UART passthrough mode.
  • AT+CIPRECVMODE: Set socket receive Mode.
  • AT+CIPRECVDATA: Get socket data in passive receive mode.
  • AT+CIPRECVLEN: Get socket data length in passive receive mode.
  • AT+PING: Ping packets
  • AT+CIPDNS: Configures Domain Name System. The configuration will be saved in flash
  • Update command AT+CIUPDATE, support SSL OTA and version parameter

BLE command

  • AT+BLESETKEY: Set BLE static pair key
  • AT+BLEHIDINIT: BLE HID device profile initialization
  • AT+BLEHIDKB: Send BLE HID Keyboard information
  • AT+BLEHIDMUS: Send BLE HID mouse information
  • AT+BLEHIDCONSUMER: Send BLE HID consumer information

Classic Bluetooth command

  • AT+BTINIT : Classic Bluetooth initialization
  • AT+BTNAME : Sets BT device's name
  • AT+BTSTARTDISC : Start BT discovery
  • AT+BTSPPINIT : Classic Bluetooth SPP profile initialization
  • AT+BTSPPCONN : Establishes SPP connection
  • AT+BTSPPDISCONN : Ends SPP connection
  • AT+BTSPPSTART : Start Classic Bluetooth SPP profile
  • AT+BTSPPSEND : Sends data to remote bt spp device
  • AT+BTA2DPINIT : Classic Bluetooth A2DP profile initialization
  • AT+BTA2DPCONN : Establishes A2DP connection
  • AT+BTA2DPDISCONN : Ends A2DP connection
  • AT+BTA2DPSRC : Set or query the audio file URL
  • AT+BTA2DPCTRL : control the audio play
  • AT+BTSECPARAM :Set and query the Classic Bluetooth security parameters
  • AT+BTKEYREPLY :Input the Simple Pair Key
  • AT+BTPINREPLY :Input the Legacy Pair PIN Code
  • AT+BTSECCFM: Reply the confirm value to the peer device in the legacy connection stage
  • AT+BTENCDEV : Query BT encryption device list
  • AT+BTENCCLEAR : Clear BT encryption device list

MQTT command

  • AT+MQTTUSERCFG : Set MQTT User Config
  • AT+MQTTCONNCFG : Set configuration of MQTT Connection
  • AT+MQTTCONN : Connect to MQTT Broker
  • AT+MQTTPUB : Publish MQTT Data in string
  • AT+MQTTPUBRAW : Publish MQTT message in binary
  • AT+MQTTSUB : Subscribe to MQTT Topic
  • AT+MQTTUNSUB : Unsubscribe from MQTT Topic
  • AT+MQTTCLEAN : Close the MQTT Connection

HTTP command

  • AT+HTTPCLIENT - Send HTTP Client Request


  • fix: It may crash if AT command ends without '\r\n'
  • fix: Sometimes it may fail to quit from UART-WiFi passthrough mode
  • fix: AT+CIPSTART does not work if just enable ethernet


  • Add "\r\n" to the end of the +IPD for that MCU distinguishes the new command easily

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