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ESP32 AT V1.1.0.0 Release Note

esp32_at_instruction_set_and_examples_en.pdf or



AT+BLESPPCFG : Sets BLE spp parameters
AT+BLESPP : Enter BLE spp mode
AT+BLESECPARAM : Set BLE encryption parameters
AT+BLEENC : Initiate BLE encryption request
AT+BLEENCRSP : Grant security request access.
AT+BLEKEYREPLY : Reply the key value to the peer device in the lagecy connection stage.
AT+BLECONFREPLY : Reply the comfirm value to the peer device in the lagecy connection stage.
AT+BLEENCDEV : Query BLE encryption device list
AT+BLEENCCLEAR : Clear BLE encryption device list

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug that gatt client exception after disconnect
  • Fix gatt Server did not get correct write result code
  • Fix gatt cmd will not report error when disconnected
  • Fix ble incorrect optional parameter checking
  • Fix ble incorrect param type checking
  • Fix ble read/write to char/descriptor without permission did not return error
  • Fix ble Set ATTR value fail
  • Fix ble 128bit uuid crash
  • Fix bug that when deinit the ble, do not free gatts list
  • Fix ble autoconnect in passthrough mode


  • support char write long and add param for multi connection
  • support gatts initiate disconnect from client
  • support multi conn for server
  • update connection param command support gatt server



AT+CIPSSLCCONF : Config SSL client

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug that UDP packet loss is serious when transparent transmission
  • Fix bug that print error log when startup
  • Fix bug restart problem after boot-strap
  • Fix bug that reconnect to TCP server twice in passthrough mode
  • Fix bug the throughput is very low when uart baudrate is 2000000
  • Fix bug that ssl connection doesn't reconnect to server when disconnected
  • Fix bug the current is about 77uA after deep sleep
  • Fix ping repeatedly cause reboot
  • Fix bug It crashes when UART baudrate and mcu mismatch
  • Fix bug tcp server will be closed when connections reach max
  • Fix bug that crash if the parameter number of AT command is less than esp_at_get_para_as_digit parameter number
  • Fix bug that it doesnot work when configure server max connection
  • Fix bug that it print CLOSED after link disconnect when in transparent transmition
  • Fix bug that remote port is incorrect.
  • Fix bug the type of execution command parses error
  • Fix Bug that it will reboot after restarting if setting AT+SAVETRANSLINK
  • Fix Bug that works bad if delayed among each character when sending command
  • Fix bug it crash when smartconfig,if SSID length is 32
  • Fix connected UDP display wrong IP
  • Fix bug that SSL server accepts fail
  • Fix bug that Print 'CONNECT' when ssl connect fail
  • Set the range of AT+CWLAPOPT
  • Fix bug that Print wifi status when wifi status change
  • Fix bug that Sometimes AT+CIPCLOSE cannot return
  • Fix bug that TCP doesn't disconnect when WiFi station disconnected
  • Fix bug that the static param conning_flag was not reset after deinit
  • Fix bug that WiFi reconnect after AT+CWQAP
  • Fix Delay time is incorrect
  • Fix Dns servers change when connecting different AP


  • Set Default uart is flow control,and add uart query cmd
  • Add AT command line terminator
  • Add esp_at_custom_net_ops_regist in esp_at.h to callback some status about socket
  • add query cmd for blescanparam
  • Add multi-ca support for ssl client
  • Add save SSID when using WPS
  • Add prefix in the string by AT+CWLIF responsed
  • Optimize ssl memory in AT module

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