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ESP32 AT V1.0 Release Note

esp32_at_instruction_set_and_examples_en.pdf or


  • AT+BLEINIT : Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) initialization
  • AT+BLEADDR : Sets BLE device's address
  • AT+BLENAME : Sets BLE device's name
  • AT+BLESCANPARAM : Sets parameters of BLE scanning
  • AT+BLESCAN : Enables BLE scanning
  • AT+BLESCANRSPDATA : Sets BLE scan response
  • AT+BLEADVPARAM : Sets parameters of BLE advertising
  • AT+BLEADVDATA : Sets BLE advertising data
  • AT+BLEADVSTART : Starts BLE advertising
  • AT+BLEADVSTOP : Stops BLE advertising
  • AT+BLECONN : Establishes BLE connection
  • AT+BLEDISCONN : Ends BLE connection
  • AT+BLEDATALEN : Sets BLE data length
  • AT+BLECFGMTU : Sets BLE MTU length
  • AT+BLEGATTSSRVCRE : Generic Attributes Server (GATTS) creates services
  • AT+BLEGATTSSRVSTART : GATTS starts services
  • AT+BLEGATTSSRV : GATTS discovers services
  • AT+BLEGATTSCHAR : GATTS discovers characteristics
  • AT+BLEGATTSNTFY : GATTS notifies of characteristics
  • AT+BLEGATTSIND : GATTS indicates characteristics
  • AT+BLEGATTSSETATTR : GATTS sets attributes
  • AT+BLEGATTCPRIMSRV : Generic Attributes Client (GATTC) discovers primary services
  • AT+BLEGATTCINCLSRV : GATTC discovers included services
  • AT+BLEGATTCCHAR : GATTC discovers characteristics
  • AT+BLEGATTCRD : GATTC reads characteristics
  • AT+BLEGATTCWR : GATTC writes characteristics

System AT

Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug that error log is printed when startup
  • Fix restart problem after boot-strap
  • Fix crash after use hardware AES driver


  • AT+FS : fatfs is supported
  • Add custom partitions table
  • Rename at customize area and add command to operate partition
  • Set frequency 80Mhz to reduce power consumption
  • Add ESP32 AT custom partitions table
  • Add firmware version in AT+GMR
  • Change the configuration of UART flow control
  • Enable ble in sdkconfig.defaults
  • partition: Adjust partition table for ble
  • Set xtal freq to be 40Mhz by default


Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug that fail to send UDP packet in some cases
  • Fix wrong IP format
  • Fix error server timeout
  • Fix AT+CWQAP shows OK in ap mode
  • Fix a bug that system may crash if the SSID length is 32 in smartconfig
  • Fix a bug that server timeout does not work for SSL connection in some scenarios
  • Fix a bug that "+IPD" is apart from data
  • Fix a bug that sometimes AT+CIPCLOSE cannot return


  • AT+PING : ping function
  • AT+MDNS : mdns function
  • AT+CIPSERVERMAXCONN : set the max connections allowed by server
  • Add AT+CWMODE=0 to stop WiFi
  • Add prefix in the string by AT+CWLIF responsed
  • Modify the information of query server
  • Support more ssl protocal version
  • SSL client supports transparent transmission
  • Support ssl server and add AT+CIPSERVER? command
  • Optimize AT+CIUPDATE to support ssl update
  • Add parameter for AT+CIUPDATE to specify ota version
  • Configure six sockets by default
  • Modify README of tools for AT, and provide ssl cert bin for testing
  • Optimize UART-WiFi passthrough mode for autoconnection and UDP transmission
  • Optimize smartconfig to save SSID and password into flash
  • Optimize SSL connection.


  • Add tool for PKI bin
  • Add GATT service bin generation tool

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