github esp8266/Arduino 2.2.0


  • Leverage realloc() in String::changeBuffer()
  • Clean up core files
  • Add host side tests
  • Fix possible null pointer in umm_malloc
  • Remove "Upload Using" option from Tools menu
  • Move attachInterrupt and detachInterrupt into IRAM (#1734)
  • Implement strstr_P
  • Allow indefinite duration for tone()
  • Fix crashes when using tone()
  • Fix RF_MODE and ADC_MODE
  • Move micros, delayMicroseconds, millis to IRAM (#1326)
  • Fix pulseIn (#1072, #1149)
  • Accept both named constant and ADC channel number in analogRead (#1766)
  • Enable heap poisoning only when debug options are enabled (#1800)
  • Bootloader: don't touch RTC memory if it doesn't contain a valid command (#619)
  • Update SDK to 1.5.2 (#1653)
  • Clean up variants, fix digitalPinHasPWM definition (#1831)
  • Don't set RF mode on boot unless it was overridden
  • Change build.board property for boards which renumber pins like NodeMCU (#1878)
  • Fix Exception 2 when using printf or vprintf


  • Update axTLS to 5b4be7d
  • WiFiClientSecure: implement connection timeout, fix connected method behavior
  • WiFiClient: fix write behavior when connection is closed by remote side
  • ESP8266HTTPServer: add font MIME types, fix #1601
  • ESP8266mDNS: add client support
  • Update SPIFFS to 82aeac6
  • Servo: move some functions into IRAM (#1742)
  • Update SoftwareSerial to version 3.1.0
  • ESP8266SSDP: change templates to include deviceType
  • ESP8266WebServer: handle more file types
  • SPI: add CPOL setting
  • ESP8266WebServer: Fix buffer overflow in ESP8266WebServer::authenticate (#1790)
  • ESP8266WiFi: fix undefined behavior in WiFiServer::setNoDelay (#1695)
  • Servo: use peripheral clock frequency when calculating FRC1 tick count (#1789)
  • ESP8266WiFi: avoid multiple instances of INADDR_NONE
  • Add LwIP binary built with gcc
  • ESP8266WiFi: Allow PSK instead of passphrase in WiFiSTA::begin
  • SPI: Fix SPI.transfer16() using wrong endianness
  • HTTPClient: decouple transport layer handling + save some RAM
  • ESP8266httpUpdate: decouple HTTPS overloads + save some RAM
  • Update and move lwIP headers, add options to use different lwIP build
  • ESP8266WebServer: wait for data to arrive
  • ESP8266WebServer: save RAM by moving response strings to flash (#1732)
  • SPI: Speed up SPI.writePattern()


  • Add ARM tools (#269)
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