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2 days ago

This release's focus is on starknet v0.11.2 support. This release also includes initial websocket subscription support and a rather large database migration.


  • Starknet v0.11.2 support
    • Sierra compiler v1.1.0-rc0
    • cairo-lang upgraded to 0.11.2a0
  • Experimental websocket subscription support - thanks Shramee Srivastav and Matthieu Auger!

Websocket support

We now have support for new block header events via pathfinder_subscribe_newHeads (docs). Note that this is experimental -- the API is not yet fixed so please provide feedback.

More complex subscription events will be added in the future -- let us know which you want.

Websocket support is disabled by default, but can be configured with the rpc.websocket and rpc.websocket.capacity options.

Database migration

This release includes a rather lengthy database migration. This can take several minutes on a good machine -- progress is logged every few seconds so it should give a good indication of progress. If this is taking too long, we also host database snapshots which you can use to skip the migration instead.

Full Changelog: v0.5.5...v0.5.6

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