github enzo1982/smooth v0.9.8
smooth v0.9.8

latest release: v0.9.9
pre-release12 months ago

smooth alpha 0.9.8

  • imageloader.cpp
    • added support for auto-detecting image formats
  • webp.cpp
    • added support for WebP image decoding
  • windowgdi.cpp
    • improved scaling when setting icons via SetIcon()
  • init.cpp
    • warn about incomplete application shutdown in debug builds
  • thread.cpp
    • made it illegal to call Stop on the current thread
    • fixed thread synchronization issues in wait and exit functions
  • array.cpp
    • fixed thread synchronization issues when accessing arrays
  • rwlock.cpp
    • fixed thread synchronization issues
  • combobox.cpp
    • fixed dropdown staying open when parent window moves or resizes
  • popupmenu.cpp
    • fixed popup staying open when parent window moves or resizes
  • popupmenuentry.cpp
    • fixed occasional crashes when opening third level popup menus
  • backendxlib.cpp
    • fixed timers being invoked in GTK threads despite denyTimerInterrupts state
    • fixed possible crash when quitting applications through a dock command
    • fixed rendering of bitmaps with alpha channel
  • surfacecairo.cpp
    • fixed drawing of diagonal lines when running in a Wayland session
    • respect custom DPI settings on Xfce desktop
  • windowxlib.cpp
    • fixed possible crash on exit when running in a Wayland session
    • fixed drag & drop working unreliably
    • fixed incorrect usage of XGetInputFocus API
  • application.cpp
    • fixed determination of binary path on FreeBSD
  • file.cpp
    • fixed accessing files via file:// URLs

Other changes

  • fixed several instances of undefined behavior found with -fsanitize=undefined
  • fixed translation field not being focused after selecting entries in Translator utility
  • upgraded libcurl to version 7.77.0

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